A 15 year old farm boy with big dreams

Ijsboerke is a household name in Flanders. It was founded in the nineteenthirties, as a traveling icecream vendor, and steadily grew to a successful national icecream brand forty years later. 
But then it ran into stormy waters, supermarkets took over the world and customers clearly preferred to go shopping and no longer wanted the icream delivered on their doorstep.

We did a repositioning exercise with them, redefining the brands storytelling and values.
We redefined the role of the human in the brand. From icecream vendors they became icecream makers. This is the reason why we changed the walking Ijsboerke that delivers ice cream surrounded by mountains, into a proud, hardworking and generous craftsman, busy scooping freshly prepared ice cream with his traditional spatula.

An icon is born!

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