About strategy

We are a fully independent agency, created since 1988, with the will to connect, design and touch both the heart of the brand and its audience, every single day.
Our mission? Make the brand’s heart beat every single day.
How we get there? We follow a heart strategy. Because we believe that the essence of what makes a brand perform lies in the heart, not in the head. Therefor we want to:

1. Understand the heart of your brand

That’s why we work in close partnership, because we want to understand the business goals and brand essence. Only then we can deliver tangible results.

2. Reach the heart of your customers, every day

We’re not interested in creating short term campaign peaks, because we believe that brands grow just like love: by behaving in a consistent manner all year long.

Be our Copywriter*

As an integrated member of the creative team, you’ll be in charge of every conceptual and textual acts.
You master your native language and love to play with it, whether it’s for a headline, a radio script or an upcoming e-mail. You’re always up to date with creative campaigns in Belgium and the rest of the world. Also, you can’t wait to share your experience to reach success.

Sounds like a nice challenge? Then we have the job for you. 


  • Can read a briefing and understand the client’s needs
  • Know how to deal with tone-of-voices like you have a personality disorder
  • You have an eagle eye when it comes to check what you wrote
  • Come up with creative and well-thought solutions thanks to your open-minded brain
  • Know how to develop impactful creative mechanics: you start with an idea and know how to exploit it in every way possible
  • Can’t wait to work in team with a beautiful palette of profiles
  • Can manage Art Directors’ tempers and dare to tell them your opinion
  • Know that a client’s budget is a thing
  • Demonstrate empathy and have strong communication skills
  • Are well-structured in your approach to organizing your daily activities
  • Accept criticism and learn from your mistakes because, yeah, we know that nothing can be perfect at once


  • Have a book that will leave us speechless
  • Can’t wait to find award-winning ideas
  • Are spontaneous and pro-active
  • Love to share what inspires you so you can inspire as well
  • Have been working in the wonderful world of advertising for at least 5 years
  • Are fluent in French or Dutch and understand French, Dutch and English.
  • Have we already mentioned teamwork yet?


  • A competitive salary package
  • A dynamic & challenging working environment
  • Brunch, dinners and parties with the nicest people there are
*Based in Hermée.

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