what we
aim for?

make your brand’s heart beat every single day

We don’t believe in a campaign model that tries to create short term peaks. We believe brands grow by behaving in a consistent manner all year long.


how we work

connect design amplify monitor


connect to the heart of the brand

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand strategy
  • Internal culture strategy
  • Employer branding


shape the heart

  • Brand design
  • Brand identity
  • Packaging design
  • Retail and interior design


make the heart pulse every day

  • Creative concept
  • Brand activation
  • Digital strategy
  • CRM and marketing automation
  • Content marketing
  • CX design


monitor the heartbeat

  • Tagging strategy
  • Data visualisation and dashboarding
  • Performance management

we passionately work for our clients

We don’t impress future prospects only. No, our customers are paramount.

We proactively invest time in our clients who opt for long-term partnerships.

we keep our fingers on the pulse

Our objective is to have more than simply satisfied clients.

That’s why we determine the rules of engagement together and thus, surpass the initial expectations as they become very clear.

performance from the heart

We don’t just work driven exclusively by results. We consistently monitor our company’s NPS.

working with an open mind

We don’t pretend we’re the best at everything. We therefore rely on strong partnerships with people who are equally as dedicated.

Listen, for market research and societal trends and Wyngs, our PR-partner that gives your PR wings.

  • 1988
  • 1992
  • 1993
  • 2004
  • 2010
it all started with a big bang inspired by great marksmanship the proudest moment looking up to the Pantheon game changing moment

establishing the agency

hit the mark

invention of Kidibul

veni, vidi, vici

starting over in a farm

Literally, a painful tumble from the stairs at 3 am in the morning, inspired me to establish (create) the agency. Exhausted from combining a demanding day job and coming up with ideas and designs after hours, I took a tumble and fell down the stairs.

Not only did the fall leave me with bruises it also left me with the understanding that something had to give. It was time to make a choice. I decided to follow my heart and start my own business. The idea would be to work for well known & reputable brands.

That unlucky but fortunate fall was the starting point for Strategie!

From an early age on I excelled at shooting and I have always felt a lot of excitement when hitting the bull’s eye. That’s what entrepreneurship is all about for me: working with precision, great concentration and passion in order to always hit the mark.

That explains the arrow in the Agency’s logo. As a matter of fact, there is still a statue of an archer on my desk. It’s there to always remind me of these values and the reason why Strategie is what it is today.

Ever wondered where the idea for this popular Belgian ‘champagne for children’ came from? Well, in 1993, the cider house of Stassen in Aubel asked us to find a way for children to celebrate and have an aperitive just like grown-ups. This, without alcohol of course. Sparkling apple juice was the obvious answer.

We came up with straight forward and clear name: Kiddos and bubbles, simply became ‘Kidibul’. It was a direct hit (It hit the bull’s eye) with lots of consumers. The funny looking croc and the color scheme, that are still the same today, were our creations also. ‘Cheers’ to that & to all our customers who have enjoyed the drink since then an made it the biggest brand for Stassen.

I have always been passionate about design in its many shapes and forms. But, what most impresses me still today is what the Romans pulled off in their time.

The Pantheon in Rome is such a masterpiece of Neo classical design, architecture and greatness that you can’t even imagine how they were able to pull this off over 2000 years ago. Until this very day, the Pantheon remains the largest intact Roman monument with its 43 m diameter unreinforced concrete dome.

You can only admire their tenacity, craftmanship, extensive knowledge and great vision. Veni, vidi, vici…, is still valid today. The Holy Grail of architecture.

There were many frowns when we decided to move the agency office from the city center to a real dilapidated farmhouse surrounded by fields and cows. We single-handedly tore down the walls to rebuild what is now our beautiful office in the country side.

As internet connections & coverage spread all around, including in the country side, there was simply no reason to remain in the city center any longer. And this game changing decision definitely paid off.

By doing so, strategie contributed to the region and restaured the site to its former beauty along with a wonderful garden and pond. Our employees and clients, benefit from a very inspiring and healthy work-environment, located in the center of the the BE-Netherlands-Germany triangle and a few KMs from Flanders. This, of course simply enhances co-creation & creativity.

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