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The Leffe history has its origin in Notre-Dame de Leffe, an abbey of Premonstratensian canons founded in 1152. Leffe asked us to help them undertake a major rework of the brand to prepare it for a bigger, worldwide role within the ABInbev beer portfolio. It came at the exact moment when specialty beers were gaining a much bigger status in the beerlovers world as opposed to pils beers. To face this challenge, we first redefined the brand’s meaning and territory: the legacy of an abbey beer.

Next, to ensure coherence throughout the range, we helped the team to create their own guidelines based on Leffe’s values. We reloaded the brand with emotion and strength to bring stronger visibility in shops & cafés. Another cool challenge? The re-design of the Leffe beerglass! We incorporated the 3D Abbaye drawing into the transition between stem and glass. The shape was redesigned to facilitate the creation of a range of glasses from 15 to 50 cl.

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